Synchronization filters offer the ability to further define the scope of issues or work items to be synchronized. The first step is to define which project in Jira and Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) to connect, followed by selecting all fields and field types from each project and mapping data values as needed. 

Example Jira to Azure DevOps

As a support manager, I want to synchronize only items needing development assistance in Jira to Azure DevOps when Label is set to “development”, so that developers can track which issues from support are added to the backlog. 

  1. In Jira Manage apps, select “TFS4JIRA” -  “Cloud Native Synchronizer”
  2. Select “Configure mappings”, and the Profile you would like to define filters
  3. Select the “Filters” tab
  4. In the Filters page, select “Filter Jira items” and define the filter as required for this example.


Example Azure DevOps to Jira

As a business manager, I want to synchronize all work approved through development to Jira so that I can properly manage the progress of projects.