It is possible to create a presentation outline in Whiteboards, and then enter presentation mode to show your content with all toolbars and buttons hidden from the view.

Navigable views

Navigable view is a section of your whiteboard attached, visualised as a subtle frame.
You can name it, and put in desired location.

Navigable views can be used as a practical outline of your content, to quickly navigate between them with a single click.

They are also used in the presentation mode.

Presentation mode

In presentation mode all toolbars and buttons are hidden, so that you can focus on your whiteboard content.

If you have navigable views configured, they will be used during the presentation. You can jump between them using the toolbar on bottom of the page, or with keyboard shortcuts:

  • Down arrow: Next view
  • Up arrow: Previous view
  • Right arrow: Expand nested view
  • Left arrow: Collapse nested view
  • Escape: Exit presentation mode