Performance of both synchronizers depends on:

  1. Configuration of synchronization profile

    1. Type mappings

    2. Field mappings

    3. States and statuses mappings

    4. Comments synchronization

    5. Attachments synchronization

  2. Data volume in the system

    1. Amount of content in description fields

    2. Number of revisions of a work item, change log length of issue

    3. Number and size of comments

    4. Number and size of attachments

  3. Performance of and current load on external systems

    1. Jira

    2. Azure DevOps

  4. Network performance

Performance of Cloud Native additionally depends on:

  1. Current total load on the Cloud Native Synchronizer

  2. Current total load on Google Cloud Platform in specific region

Performance of Self Hosted additionally depends on:

  1. Hardware resources dedicated to the machine, where synchronizer is hosted

  2. Current total load on the machine that hosts synchronizer