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Enabling Video chat

Video chat is a preview functionality, and it can be enabled on your account by support team. Create a demo request to get started.

Starting a video chat

Video chat can be started on every whiteboard. You can do it from right hand side toolbar:

Personal video sharing settings

Basic controls

  • Start sharing your video stream using the camera icon
  • Enable your microphone


  • Show my video on my cursor - your video stream will be displayed next to your cursor
  • Show my video on my avatar - your video stream will be displayed instead of your avatar
  • Play my audio to all participants - regardless of their viewport location or zoom - other participants will always hear you

Device settings:

  • Select source device for your audio stream
  • Select source device for your video stream

Placing video stream as an object on whiteboard

A video stream can be placed on whiteboard:

  1. Drag and drop a participant from the list of video chat participants
  2. Use video operation from the left hand side toolbar:

Video stream controls

  • Switch video stream between camera and screen share mode
  • Mute audio from video stream