Go to Settings tab and set up SMTP Mail Server configuration.

Fill out this form. Click the "Test" button and you will receive a test e-mail. Check if everything is correct. Save configuration.

"This Synchronizer's URL" is an optional field. If filled, it enables links in the notification emails that take you directly to the Synchronizer.

If you would like to stop receiving the e-mails, uncheck the "Configuration enabled" checkbox.

When errors are sent out

After SMTP configuration is enabled you will start to receive errors messages about 1 minute after they occurred:

If an error occurs in each synchronization cycle:

Clearing errors

If you received notifications about errors, go to Synchronizer and open the Errors page:

Here you can view all errors, read full error messages, delete errors one by one or all at once.

Same errors that differ only by issue key or work item id may be merged together and displayed as one in this list. To see errors by the issue and work item pair go to profile errors (see Viewing and managing errors log for more details).