After all team members agree on an issue estimate you usually want to have the agreed value saved in some JIRA custom field (we call it the estimation field). For scrum boards this estimation is stored as defined in board configuration. For kanban boards you can define the estimation field in the poker session settings.

In Agile Poker for JIRA Cloud you can estimate only issues with the estimation field visible on the issue view screen. If some issues (e.g. bugs, tasks) are not visible in Agile Poker for JIRA it means you have to add the estimation field to the issue view screen. Managing fields visibility in JIRA is a tricky topic and we recommend using field helper for this:

  1. Please open the problematic issue in a new tab.
  2. Click Admin -> Where is my field as shown on the screenshot below:
  3. Type the field name and you will see why the field is not visible.