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  • How to get Issue ID in Jira?


Currently alpha preview of Cloud Native Synchronizer shows numeric Jira IDs in sync history log, instead of issue keys (we are working to change that).

Please note that if click on particular Jira ID - you will be redirected to it in Jira (where you will be able to see the key)

Conversely - if you want to get Jira ID for particular issue, you can get it by exporting it to XML (from Issue view menu) or calling Jira REST API programmatically.

To make things easier - please see the solutions below.

Browser console

Open issue in Jira and run this code in browser console to quickly get ID for particular issue:

if (issue_key = new URL(window.location.href).searchParams.get("selectedIssue") || (/^\[([^\]]+)\]/g.exec(document.title) || [])[1])
		 	return res.json()
			throw new Error('Something went wrong')
	.then(data => console.log("Issue ID for "+issue_key+": "
	.catch(err => console.log("Error occurred while fetching issue ID: ",err))
else {
	console.log("Please run it on Jira Issue view page to get issue ID.")


You can also add a bookmarklet in your browser's bookmarks bar for quick access.

To do so – create a bookmark in your browser with name of your choice (e.g. "Get Issue ID") and paste the code below into the URL field:


To use it - navigate to any issue in Jira and click the bookmark you have just added – an alert will show with this Issue's ID.

Bulk export

To get IDs for multiple Jira Issues – you can export them to XML or CSV from Issues/Filter view.

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