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You can set automatic, customizable signatures with templates

  • Share one global template for all users in all projects
  • Define per-project signatures - to be used by all users in a given project
  • Let users use Personal templates – defined by themselves
  • Use signatures in "Replies to customer" in Jira Service Management projects only

...and more!

Look for Canned Responses and Signatures settings in your project sidebar:

Cascading signature settings

Signature templates can be defined on three levels of settings.

Settings levelPersonal


Available options
  1. Use default template
    (inherit Project template)
  2. Use custom personal template
  3. Disable signatures
  1. Use default template
    (inherit Global template)
  2. Use custom project template
  3. Disable signatures
  1. Use Global template
  2. Disable signatures

The settings influence which (if any) template will be selected as a signature.


Selecting signature for new comment by user Jane Doe from Acme Inc. in Project ABC:

Dynamic Variable for signatures

Shared signatures (global or per project) can be customized to include pieces of dynamic data – by using dynamic variables.


Each user can set their personal piece of information which will be included in shared templates (global or per project).
Each organization can advise their members to provide specific information, e.g. – their first and last name, phone number etc.
If user will not provide their data – the variable will default to their Jira display name.


Project admins can also provide project-specific information, like support department name, dedicated phone number etc.


Global signature can be used to store generic information, e.g. legal notes. Then it can be used as a part of personal and project signatures with a variable.


If user's personal data will include:

and project data will include:

and global signature will be:

The resulting signature will render as follows:

We're looking for feedback!

We plan to iterate and improve the Signatures functionality.
Your feedback and suggestions will be much appreciated!

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