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For the best experience with Canned Responses – we recommend installing a dedicated, companion browser extension – for Chrome, Edge or Firefox.
It will allow you to search and use templates directly in native Jira text fields.

Without browser extension

With browser extension

Canned Responses are located in a separate comments box, above Activity section.

 See interaction

Canned Responses are embedded in the native Jira comment box.

 See interaction

Why is the extension needed?

It is a limitation of Jira Cloud platform. It allows apps (like Canned Responses) to occupy only certain areas within the user interface.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to natively add elements directly to fields like comment boxes.

To overcome this limitation, we've created a browser extension, that allows just that, but from the level of user browser.

Will my Jira users have to install the extension?

Only if they want. Canned Responses are fully functional without the extension.

Nevertheless, we recommend using the extension.
If the app detects that a user is not using the extension yet – a message will be displayed suggesting installation.

What browsers are supported?

Currently Canned Responses extension is available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers. 

Safari is currently not supported due to the lack of necessary API's implementation in that browser.

How to install the extension?

The extension is available through Chrome Web StoreMicrosoft Edge Store and Firefox Add-ons.

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