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This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. If you use Jira Server go to the Agile Poker for Jira Server documentation.


Standard Async sessions are designed for teams that can't or don't want to estimate simultaneously, but also it is widely used by teams who want all members to check out estimation scope and put questions before the joint team estimation. The flow for asynchronous sessions is based on the Wideband Delphi estimation method:

  1. The session moderator selects issues to estimate and people that will participate in the session.

  2. The session link is shared with all the participants.

  3. Participants estimate issues in the scope of the estimation session whenever they find it convenient, optionally putting down their comments, questions and concerns to support chosen estimation.

  4. Moderator closes the session.

  5. Session moderator saves estimates for issues in scope based on the estimation result or proceeds with further discussion interactively.

Starting and configuring Async session

Standard Async session is started from Standard session menu, check out Navigation for Classic and Next-Gen projects and Standard Session instructions if you don’t know how to get here:

Next step - select issues to be estimated, use filters to access required issues easily. Press Next when all required issues are selected:

Then, select participants and share the session link with them. Use the copy option next to the link to share it via any messenger or send an invitation email. Please note that the email invitation requires Jira contact emails of participants to be shared with the app, here you can find more details about it.

Once ready, click on Start async to proceed:

Please note that both the list of issues to be estimated and the list of participants can be adjusted afterwards from the Session menu by using Reselect issues and Configure accordingly:

Async estimation process

In this session, every participant should solely estimate all provided issues optionally writing down comments backing up the vote.

Standard Async estimation process is pretty similar to Standard estimation [link to Estimation process], but with several differences:

  • Participants section has ASYNC MODE indicator, avatars have progress icon, that changes to a checkmark once a team member finished his or her estimations;

  • Your estimation for Story Points part has:

    • Skip - jumps to the following unestimated issue from the Backlog list, submitting no estimation from you for this issue;

    • Next - jumps to the following unestimated issue from the Backlog list saving selected estimation;

    • Finish & Review - for moderators only, proceed to Final estimation stage even if someone has not submitted estimations; it is highlighted is all the participants finished their estimations;

  • New area added for comments for a particular issue;

  • Backlog indicates value you selected for an issue;

Reviewing estimation results

When all the participants have submitted their votes or when the time comes even if someone’s votes are missing, a moderator has to press Finish & review from the voting section or Finish async mode from the session menu:

Once the moderator uses Finish & review option, Async mode switched to the Standard mode with all the issues having Reviewing status and ready for the final estimation.

Agile Poker will suggest a final estimation value if:

  • Consensus is selected in the settings and all the votes are similar;

  • Average is selected in the settings;

All the comments are also shown here. All the saved individual votes might be removed, use the Reset button on the right.

The moderator should use Save or Save&next options to save the final estimation and proceed further. Once all the issues are estimated, you’re done!

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