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System PDF printer

The recommended way of generating PDF files from Agile Cards is to use the PDF printer build into your browser or operating system. For example when using Google Chrome simply click 'Print Cards' button on 'Print Issues' screen and select 'Save as PDF' as a target printer like on the screenshots below:

Javascript based PDF generator (only Agile Cards for JIRA Server, not available for Cloud)

In case you don't use Google Chrome and you don't have a PDF printer built into your operating system try the Javascript based PDF generator delivered with Agile Cards. In order to use it please click the 'Generate PDF' button on the 'Print issues' screen like on the screenshot below.

There are some known issues with Javascript based PDF generator:

  1. There is no guarantee that the printout will exactly match the look of cards on the 'Print issues' screen. The PDF file is generated using Javascript library which may produce different results than the rendering engine of your browser.
  2. Images that are hosted outside your JIRA will most probably not be printed correctly. It's related to the Same Origin Policy of Internet browsers. See this document for technical details.
  3. Generating PDF files using Javascript is not supported on Internet Explorer 9.

Because of these reasons we recommend using PDF printer build into your browser or operating system wherever possible.


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