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This tutorial will show you how quickly start using Canned Responses for Jira add-on.

Table of contents:


You can find Canned Responses section on any issue view.

It includes:

  • Starred templates toolbar – for one-click inserting
  • Options to create new (with "plus" icon) and manage (with "cog" icon) templates
  • Comment box - which, when clicked will allow you to compose comments

Why is there a separate Canned Responses section?

It is a limitation of Jira itself - it allows apps to occupy only certain locations within the interface.
To overcome this, and to have Canned Responses available directly from native Jira comment box – please use the companion browser extension.

Canned Responses need cookies

Make sure to allow all cookies in your browser settings - they are required for Canned Responses section to be displayed in your Jira.

Create template

1. Use the create new button (with "plus" icon) to add a new canned response (template).
You can also do it through "Manage templates" dialog (accessible with "cog" icon).

Please note that you can:

  • nest templates in folders with by using double colons in the name
    • for example, to put "Deleting account" template in "Instructions" folder, name the template "Instructions::Deleting account" – it will be nested accordingly
  • use the star button to add the template to the starred toolbar – so it can be inserted with one-click
  • set visibility scope, so that the template is visible for particular groups, in selected projects etc.
  • add macros to your template – they are special keywords which will be dynamically replaced with proper data when the template is used

Insert template

Templates can be inserted with:

a) Search and insert - open a dropdown and either search for by typing or select template from the list

 See interaction

The search field can be accessed from within the comment box with Shift+Tab shortcut. You can navigate the results with arrow keys and insert with Enter.

b) Templates toolbar - select a previously starred template to add it with one click

 See interaction

You can also define a template to be inserted by default in Project Settings.

Manage templates

The "Manage" button (with "cog" icon) will take you to a list of your templates, where you can see, create, edit and remove templates.

Please note:

  • You can use filters to refine your view
  • You can also access Settings from this screen

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