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Canned Responses allow you to use dynamic variables (formerly macros) to generate contextual templates based on commented issue data. There are variables for all issue fields as well as custom fields.

Dynamic Variables are being resolved while inserting Canned Responses template into the comment or description field.

Dynamic Variables List

Below you can find a list of supported Dynamic Variables (formerly macros) with examples of generated content based on some issue data.

Dynamic Variable

Example result
Special Dynamic Variables
24/Dec/20 (produces current date)
Joe Doe
sets cursor position after a response is inserted

16:39:57 (produces current time)


Central European Standard Time (produces current time zone name)

1 (produces UTC value e.g. from UTC+1)
User's name from Jira profile (default) or custom content from Personal signature settings
Project name (default) or custom content from Project signature settings
Contents of global Signature template (if set)
Standard fields
1.2, 1.3
Joe Doe
Core, Documentation
1.2, 1.3

Create a list of all variables so that users can easily see them all in one place before installing the plugin.

In Progress
Add "Supported Dynamic Variables" section in the documentation
Canned Responses
Jane Doe
Sample custom fields
$Story Points_10002$
and all the others

How it works

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