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  • Components participating in TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins synchronization


In order to successfully synchronize TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins to Jira a number of components has to cooperate. Communication between all these components is explained on this page.

The diagrams below contains following elements:

  • Jira User - personal computer of Jira user.
  • Jira Server - Jira instance with TFS4JIRA plugin installed.
  • TFS4JIRA Synchronizer - external application coming with TFS4JIRA (available to download here).
  • TFS4JIRA Web Application (only for Jira Cloud) - cloud application hosted and maintained by Spartez.
  • TFS / Azure DevOps - TFS server or Azure DevOps instance which we will synchronized with Jira.

Check-ins synchronization for Jira Standalone

When synchronizing check-ins for Jira Standalone, TFS4JIRA plugin communicates directly to Synchronizer application. 


Check-ins synchronization for Jira Cloud

In case of Jira Cloud, there is an additional component between Jira plugin and TFS4JIRA Synchronizer. This component is called TFS4JIRA Web Application and it serves as a proxy server.


This document is part of tutorial on configuring TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins synchronization.

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