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If you are interested in TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins synchronization you may be also interested in our open source Jira issue key check-in policy plugin for Visual Studio. Please take a look at its home page for details. (Be aware of the fact that as an open source software it is free and not officially supported)

TFS4JIRA allows Jira users to view TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins associated with a Jira issue or a project. In case of using Jira Cloud, this is achieved by a middleware TFS4JIRA on-demand component hosted on tfs4jira-ondemand.spartez.com that connects to your TFS4JIRA Synchronizer application using HTTP/HTTPS calls. 

This tutorial contains instructions how to configure this synchronization. It is divided into three parts:

  1. Overview of components needed to synchronize TFS check-ins,
  2. Configuring TFS4JIRA Check-ins synchronization:
    1. Configuring TFS4JIRA check-ins synchronization using existing TFS4JIRA synchronization profile,
    2. Configuring TFS4JIRA check-ins synchronization from scratch,
  3. Connecting JIRA to TFS4JIRA Synchronizer.

This document is part of tutorial on configuring TFS / Azure DevOps Check-ins synchronization. Please go to page Components participating in TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins synchronization to move to the next topic.

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