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Azure DevOps (ADO) fields that contain more than 32767 characters will be partially synchronized with Jira, meaning some content will be truncated. Updates from Jira will be not synchronized back to ADO once the character limit is reached.


Jira Cloud limits the number of characters that can be put into the fields like description, comments and custom fields of a rich text type. The limit is 32767 characters. Azure allows text fields to contain more characters.

Jira Server/DC has the configurable limit on maximum number of characters allowed, available at: Jira administration → System → General configuration → Advanced settings. The default value is 32767 but it can be increased up to 2147483647 characters. Note: if you want to increase the text limit for TFS4JIRA, please set jiraTextFieldCharacterLimit in the Web.config configuration file to match Jira Server/DC configuration.

In order to avoid the synchronization failures, the synchronizer will automatically truncate text that exceeds the Jira's limit. We'll show a message that the content of the field has been truncated and a link to the work item where the user can see the original text (from ADO). See the examples below.

Fields containing truncated message won't be synchronized back to Azure

As long as the synchronized text field contains this warning message, it will not be synchronized back to Azure. We do this to prevent the overwrite of corresponding ADO field with the truncated text.  If you want to resume the synchronization of such fields please remove the mentioned "Field has reached Jira’s allowed max character limit. Exceeding content was truncated..." excerpt.

Important: removal of the warning text will have no effect on Jira's comments. Comments are synchronized once, so their update doesn't result in another synchronization attempt.

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