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User settings and board configuration allow you to customize your experience with Whiteboards. You can turn on/off different features (such as background grid), enable/disable plugins, and configure your board control. 

NOTE: Changes in user settings apply only to the user making them. Changes in board configuration are visible to all people with access to the board. 

Board configuration

Open your board and click on the board name in the top left corner to access the board configuration. 

With board configuration, you can:

  • Change your board name.

  • Enable/disable showing time tracking information on Jira issue cards.

  • Enable/disable custom plugins on this board and go to Administration to install or create new plugins. Any plugin you enable will become visible on the right-hand toolbar.
    Note: Custom plugins first have to be installed by an organization owner in Administration>>Plugins. Default plugins provided by Whiteboards are enabled for all boards when turned on by the owner in Administration>>Plugins.

  • See to which Confluence pages your board is added (Whiteboards for Confluence only),

  • See to which Jira boards and issues your board is attached (Whiteboards for Jira only).

No need to save any changes made in board configuration — they are applied immediately. When you’re done, click Close and continue working.

User settings

To open user settings: 

  1. Open your board and click More options.

  2. Select User settings

User settings allow you to: 

  • Choose how you will control and navigate your board — you can select the device with which you’re controlling the board (mouse or touchpad). You can also set up Whiteboards to automatically detect which device you’re using.

    NOTE: When using Whiteboards for Jira/Confluence, there’s no option to auto-detect the device. You can choose between two ways to control your board:

    • Scrolling with a touchpad or a mouse wheel will zoom the board

    • Scrolling with the touchpad or a mouse wheel will scroll the board (you can still zoom by pressing the Alt/Option key). 

  • Show/hide the cursors of other participants on your board.

  • Show/hide the background grid.

No need to save any changes made in user settings — they are applied immediately. When you’re done, click Close and continue working.

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