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Connecting Whiteboards with Jira allows working with Jira issues right on your board. By doing so, you can add issues individually or in bulk, display links between issues and edit them on the go, update different fields and make the most of our deep two-way Jira integration. 

NOTE: You don’t need to authorize the Whiteboards for Jira app to work with the Jira instance where it’s added. You’ll only have to authorize any additional Jira sites you’d like to connect. See Adding more authorized Jira sites for details.  

You can start the authorization process when for the first time you try to use one of the Jira integration features, such as: 

Every user in the organization needs to authorize Jira on their own, so whiteboards can get information on whether someone has the right permissions in Atlassian to view and use the Jira issues.

NOTE: Until you’ve authorized the Jira site, pasting an issue link to the board won’t automatically convert it to a Jira issue. Pasting issue links from Jira sites that aren’t authorized will add them as cards instead. 

TIP: Connect multiple Jira sites to work with issues from different teams or companies!

Authorizing Jira

Select the tool you’d like to use (import zone/update zone/convert an object to Jira issue/open the Issues menu) and the authorization request will appear. For update/import zones, you need to draw a rectangle on the board to get the request. 

Now you can connect your Jira instance with Whiteboards: 

  1. Click Authorise to Jira site. This will open a new browser tab.

  2. (Optional) Login to Jira if you’re not signed in already.

  3. Select the Jira site you’d like to authorize.
    TIP: You can authorize more Jira sites later. See Adding more authorized Jira sites for details.

  4. Click Accept

That’s it—you’ll be brought back to Whiteboards and you can start enjoying our Jira integration! 

Adding more authorized Jira sites

Add Jira tasks, subtasks, bugs, stories, or epics from different Jira sites onto the same board to sync with teams from inside or outside your company and collaborate on common goals. 

To add more authorized Jira sites to Whiteboards: 

  1. Click Issues on the right-hand toolbar.

  2. Click the 9-dot square icon (Select Jira site) in the top right corner.

  3. Click Connect Jira Could site.
    NOTE: Connecting with Jira Server/Data Center requires adding an identity provider using the OAuth1 method.

  4. Select the new Jira site you’d like to authorize.

  5. Click Accept

You can now start working on issues from all the sites you’ve added! 

Switching between Jira sites

You can always change the Jira site in which you’re updating and creating issues or from which they are imported.  

When you’re converting objects to Jira issues or when you’re using import or update zones, you can always choose the Jira site in the configuration modals.

To change the Jira site used in the Issues menu:

  1. Click Issues on the right-hand toolbar.

  2. Click the 9 dots square icon (Select Jira site) in the top right corner.

  3. Click the name of the Jira site that isn’t currently highlighted to switch to it. Jira sites have different avatars, so it’s easier for you to recognize which one is selected. 

You’ll now see issues from the Jira site you’ve just selected. 

To check which site is active, hover over the avatar visible in the top right corner of the Issues menu to display the name. Clicking the avatar will open Jira in a new browser tab.

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