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Invite links are a way to easily add users to your organization instead of doing it by providing the email address of each person. Use it, for example, when you want to quickly add a group of people or don’t know their email addresses.

TIP: You can also set up identity providers to add people to your team. 

An Invite link works for 30 days from the moment of its creation. 

A person coming from an invite link will have their role in the organization set to “User.” If you want, you can change their role to Owner in the Administration panel>>Users.

NOTE: Assigning user roles is a part of the Pro plan. 

NOTE: You need to be listed as an Owner in the organization to create invite links. 

To create an invite link:

  1. On your Dashboard, click the vertical ellipsis in the top right corner, next to your avatar. 

  2. Select Administration.

  3. Select Invite links from the menu (under User management).

  4. Click Create an invite link.

After a couple of seconds, an invite link will be generated and listed on the page. 

To copy the link and share it with others, click Copy at the end of the invite link.

From this view, you can also check the invite link expiration date.

For every generated link, you can see how many people created an account in Whiteboards using it.

To remove the link and deactivate the possibility to join your organization using it, click Delete. Removing the link doesn’t delete the users created with it.

When someone sends you an invite link, use it to join their organization and collaborate on digital whiteboards. 

To join the organization as a user:

  1. Click the link you’ve received. 

  2. On the page that opens, select if you want to log in using Jira/Google/GitHub or your email address.
    NOTE: If you don’t have an account, selecting one of those options will take you through the account setup process

  3. Click Let me join.

That’s it—now the organization dashboard will open and you can start working with other teammates.

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