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Comments are great to follow up on ideas and create greater alignment between team members. Use them to ask questions, clarify concepts, or give more context to elements on the board. 

Adding a comment

You can add a comment by clicking on any element on the board and selecting the comment icon from the menu above it. 

If you open the context menu by clicking the ellipsis at the end of the menu, you can also leave a comment from there. 

Another way to leave a comment is to enable the comment mode by clicking the comment icon on the left-hand toolbar. Once turned on, click any element on the board to add a comment. 

As soon as you add a comment, a panel on the right-hand side will open where you can type in your note or question. Press Enter on your keyboard or click Save to finish and leave the comment on the board. 

TIP: To start a new line in your comment, press Shift + Enter.

Once you add a comment, you can change its position on the element, but you can’t link it to a different element on the board. To change the comment icon position, drag it to a different place within the element it’s linked to.

Mentioning users

To mention other users in your comments, just add @ followed by the name of the person you’d like to mention. Whenever you type in the “at” sign, a list of users in your organization will load. From there, you can select the right person or just continue typing their name and press Enter to confirm your selection. People who are not on the board will also be listed and marked (if the board is public, they will get access right away, if not—invite them to the board to make sure they can view the comment). 

Whenever you mention someone, they will be notified by an email with a link to the board.

The comment list will also mark the comment thread where you’re mentioned with a red @ sign

Replying to comments

Add a reply to any comment to create a thread. Click the comment icon that’s next to the element on the board and start typing in the right-hand panel that opens. Press Enter or click Save to finish, use @ to mention other users. 

NOTE: Replying to a resolved comment will reopen it. 

Viewing comments on the board

When viewing comments on the board, they can have a different look, depending on their status. 

  • Comments you’ve already seen or that were left by you have a yellow icon.

  • New comments or comments with new replies get a red dot next to the comment icon. Whenever there’s a new reply or comment, you will also see a red dot added to the comment panel icon on the right-hand toolbar.

  • Comments where you are mentioned get a red dot with a number corresponding to the number of times you’ve been mentioned. You will also see the number of your new mentions on all comments on the board on the right-hand toolbar.

  • Resolved comments have a check mark inside the comment icon. 

Additionally, you can preview a comment by hovering over it.

Managing comments

To manage comments and see a list of all comments on the board, press C on your keyboard or click the comment icon on the right-hand toolbar

When the comment panel is opened, you can view all the open and resolved comments on the board and resolve them, reply to them, delete them, or edit them (if you’re the author). You also get the option to mark all of them as read and manage notifications. Additionally, you can see how many people and replies are in a thread and open the comment thread to access details. A red dot next to a comment on the list signals a new comment or a new thread reply. 

    • Change the notification settings by clicking the bell icon. You can choose to turn on notifications for all comments or to not be notified unless you’re mentioned. 

    • Mark all comments as read by clicking the envelope icon

    • Select if you want to view open or resolved comments by switching the tabs

    • Resolve a comment by clicking the checkmark icon.

  • Click the vertical ellipsis to edit a comment (if you’re the author) or delete it.

By clicking on a comment in the comment panel, the board view will be moved to this comment, its icon will be highlighted, and the comment thread will be opened

The thread view shows all the comments added to it and allows you to reply in the input field at the bottom. From this view, you can also resolve a comment thread by clicking the check icon next to the first comment. Clicking the vertical ellipsis allows editing (when you’re the owner) or deleting the comment.

When in the thread view, you can switch between comments on the board. Use the arrows to go up or down the list. As you switch from comment to comment, your board view will follow. 

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