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At Whiteboards, we want to foster innovation and collaboration between distributed teams of different sizes and needs. This is why we’ve introduced two plans you can choose from: Free and Pro

A trial of the paid plan is coming soon, for now, we encourage testing Whiteboards on the Free plan first. 

The Free plan is the perfect choice if you’re new to working on a digital whiteboard and would like to get a feel of the tool.

  • The plan is free forever, so you can use it for as long as you wish and create up to 5 editable team boards.

  • Test different features such as voting, diagramming, or comments and make use of our premade template library.

  • Bring your team along for the journey with unlimited users and guests and work with them directly on a whiteboard during a video call that can last up to 50 min.

  • See how our 2-way deep Jira integration works by converting elements into issues and updating them as you go—the changes will be synced everywhere.

All of that and more is available for free.

The Pro plan was designed with growing teams in mind that might need a bit more control over their workflows.

  • Apart from all the features included in the Free plan, on Pro you can have unlimited private or team boards, assign roles to your users, and create custom templates out of your boards to reuse your work.

  • On top of that come advanced Jira integration tools such as update or import zones, visualizing issues dependencies, and access to pro Jira templates (e.g. PI Planning or Magic Estimation).

  • You have no time limits on video calls and get access to full moderator options that allow you to run meetings and make sure everyone’s seeing the right part of the board.

  • You can choose data residency for your organization.

  • We will be happy to help with custom training to match your team's exact needs!

For a detailed list of all the features and differences between the plans, visit our pricing page

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