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We issue an invoice for every payment made when you’re subscribed to the paid plan. You can download it anytime you need a document for your accounting. 

When you buy a paid plan, you have the option to select I want to buy as a business and provide all your billing information (such as tax ID, company name and address, etc.). We pre-fill the company name with the organization name and add your email as the billing email, but you can change that now so it applies to this invoice, or later in Administration>>Billing details for future invoices.

Even if you don’t select to buy as a business, we will still issue an invoice that can serve as a receipt for you. 

To access your invoices or receipts:

  1. Go to your Dashboard.

  2. Click on the vertical ellipsis in the top right corner.

  3. Select Administration.

  4. Go to Invoices under Billing.

There you will see all your invoices along with the issue date, a quick summary, the billing period the invoice covers, what’s the invoice status, and the amount paid. You can also easily download a PDF version of the invoice.

Each invoice will include the invoice number, issue, and due dates, seller and buyer details, as well as the total cost of the invoice, detailing the items that make up the charge. 

NOTE: You can’t change buyer details for past invoices, but you can update your billing information for future invoices by going to Administration >> Billing details. You can adjust the company name and address there as well as your tax ID.  

In case of any questions, let us know by raising a ticket with our support.

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