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  • Automating final score calculation outside Agile Poker

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This article has been created to support users of Agile Poker's Multi-field estimation sessions and their need of calculating a final score based on the estimates outside the app, in Jira.

MultiThe users of multi-field estimation sessions users session can enable the Final score to calculate a weighted sum of several estimated fields (custom template) or based on the formula of the selected prioritization framework.

In case of updating the estimates inside Agile Poker after having the final score calculated, the app will re-calculate it the final score and save the changes to Jira. But all the changes outside Agile Poker won't affect the final score field.


  1. For Team-managed projects (formerly called Next-Gen projects), navigate to the Project → Project settings → Project automation.
  2. For general generic automation rules, navigate to System → Automation → Automation rules (Jira admin access is required). 
    • You can also navigate to the general automation rules from #1 by clicking on Global administration.