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  • Feature Comparison: Cloud Native VS Self Hosted

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Hosting and DeploymentCloud NativeSelf-hosted
No installation required(tick)(error)
No additional costs of hosting and deployment(tick)(error)
Automatic updates and maintenance(tick)(error)
FeaturesCloud NativeSelf-hosted
Built-in fields synchronization(tick)(tick)
Attachment synchronization(tick)(tick)
States and Statuses synchronization(tick)(tick)
User Mapping(tick)(tick)
Comment synchronization(tick)(tick)
Initial synchronization(tick)(tick)
Synchronization filtersCOMING SOON(tick)
Issue Hierarchy supportCOMING SOON(tick)(tick)
Issue Linking(tick)(tick)
Profile migrationIN 20212022(tick)
Check-ins support(error)(tick)

2. Built-in Fields Support