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Fields And Field Values

Features and Performance


1. High-level Overview

Hosting and DeploymentCloud NativeSelf-hosted
No installation required(tick)(error)
No additional costs of hosting and deployment(tick)(error)
Automatic updates and maintenance(tick)(error)
FeaturesCloud NativeSelf-hosted
Built-in fields synchronization(tick)(tick)
Attachment synchronization(tick)(tick)
States and Statuses synchronization(tick)(tick)
User Mapping(tick)(tick)
Comment synchronization(tick)(tick)
Initial synchronization(tick)(tick)
Synchronization filters(tick)(tick)
Issue Hierarchy support(tick)(tick)
Issue Linking(tick)(tick)
Profile migrationIN 2022(tick)
Check-ins support(error)(tick)

2. Built-in Fields Support

FieldsCloud NativeSelf-hosted
Title / Summary(tick)(tick)
Components / Area(tick)(tick)
Sprint / Iteration(tick)(tick)
Story Points(tick)(tick)
Priority / Severity(tick)(tick)
Fix Version / Affected Version(tick)(tick)

3. Field Types Support

Field TypesCloud NativeSelf-hosted
Custom fields based on built-in fields(tick)(tick)
Custom fields created by add-ons(error)(error)
Time tracking fields(error)(tick)Attachments synchronization
Text - single Line (tick)(tick)
Text - multi line (plain text and HTML/Wiki)(tick)(tick)
Number Field(tick)(tick)
Link / URL(tick)(tick)
Single choice fields(tick)(tick)
Multiple choice fields(tick)(tick)
Migration from other synchronizer(error)Check-ins support(error)(tick)Multi-step transitions in status synchronization(error)(tick)Issue linking
Date Pickers(tick)(tick)
Date and time pickers(tick)(tick)
User Picker(tick)(tick)
Group Picker(error)(tick)
Issue hierarchy synchronization
Time tracking fields(error)(tick)
Synchronization filters

4. Feature details

FeatureCloud Native SynchronizerSelf Hosted Synchronizer
Extra types of initial synchronization
(unlinking, updating or removing already paired and
unpaired issues or work items)
Multiple initial synchronizations running at the same time
Multi-step transitions in status synchronization(error)(tick)
Active Directory Support(error)(tick)
Automatical user
User mapping by email(error)(tick)
Comment edits and deletion synchronization



Group Pickers(error)(tick)

Automatic Sprint creation (error)(error)
Azure DevOps test steps synchronization(error)(tick)