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  • Data Policy for Cloud Native Synchronizer

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  • Pairs of Jira ids and Azure DevOps ids for
    • Issues / work items
    • Comments
    • Attachments
    • Links
  • Customer - facing errors that occurred during synchronization


titlePersonally identifiable information and user generated content in logs

Synchronizer does not add any UGC to logs during normal operation, however, we reserve the right to log such data when errors occur and to temporarily extend logging with such data  data when it is necessary to troubleshoot an incident.
Please note that external systems, including Jira and Azure can unintentionally return data, containing PII or UGC, as a part of an error message. 
In such cases, Synchronizer will log this data "as is", without making any attempt to discover or remove sensitive data.
These logs will be retained for 30 days.