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  • Public vs. Private sessions

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  • Public - unrestricted session access. Every Jira Software user can access such session, update its configuration and participants list (including moderator, participants and observers roles). All Jira restrictions apply here: users who do not have access to the specific project, board or issue will not be able to see restricted data. But they can still join and modify a public estimation session in Agile Poker.
  • Private - restricted session access. Only the users invited to the session (moderator, participant, estimator or observer) can join it.  Depending on the role the user will be able toget:
    • Moderator - full session access, ability to update session participants (add or remove users), update session configuration, change a moderator, finish the session and or remove it;
    • Participants (Participant / Estimator / Observer) - limited session access, ability to participate in estimation process that is controlled by a moderator. Note: Agile Poker allows setting "Everyone" as the moderator that means results in every session participant will get getting moderator's permissions.
    • Jira administrator - remove any active or finished session. Administrators will be are not able to join a private sessions session if they are not on the session's participants list.


  • Moderator - controls the session flow: picks up the Jira issue(s) to be estimated, enables/disables voting, finishes the session;
  • ParticipantEstimator - participate participates in the estimation session but can't control its flow;
  • Observer (available for Interactive sessions only) - observes the estimation process but can't provide estimates, session is progressed without observer's input.

Once session is finished (estimation is completed; "Finish session" action executed) then it is not longer possible to join it or update its configuration.