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 How to embed whiteboard into website?

 User story mapping template

 Keyboard shortcuts

 User management, and billing settings are now available on

Presentation mode and navigable views

 Plugin system, develop extensions to Whiteboards using @whiteboards-io/plugins package

 Video chat on Whiteboards

 Follow other participant / presentation mode

  PI Planning improvements

 Guest access functionality for sharing boards outside of your organisation

 Bugfix for the problem of flickering text on stickers, text cards, and shapes

 Attachments, PDF file preview, minor bugfix&improvements

 Performance improvement, support for Jira child issues, Jira issue links are now enabled in Whiteboards for Server/Data Center

 Performance improvements for boards with high number of items

 Now it is possible to undo issues added through import zone

 Update issues zone functionality is now available also in Whiteboards for Confluence

 Release of Whiteboards for GitHub

 Import issues zone functionality is now available also in Whiteboards for Confluence

 Project whiteboard added to Whiteboards for Jira Server/Data Center

 Space whiteboard added to Whiteboards for Confluence Server/Data Center

 {whiteboard} macro added to Whiteboards for Confluence Server/Data Center

 20 new templates

 Fixed a problem with configuration of macro viewport in Confluence

 Fixed a problem with link to whiteboard from space sidebar in Confluence 

 Improved issue details modal

 Fixed a problem with text edit on lines

 Fixed a bug visible when dragging a group of cards or lines

 Minor improvements in Access management for Whiteboards Server/Data Center

 Fixed a problem with sprint selector in Board section, it did not show all sprints

 Minor redesign of Share dialog

 Improvements to paste from clipboard functionality, and image uploads

 New limits for upload operation

 Better handling of images dropped to whiteboard from different browser tab

Custom color picker

Special handling of URL paste: create media card or an iframe

The ability to upload multiple files

It is now possible to convert cards to issues in Whiteboards for Confluence

 Pan/scroll the board with Space + Drag shortcut.

 Ability to decorate text on a card: bold, italic, underline, and strike-through

 New shapes are available

 Now it is possible to copy content of multiple cards and paste it outside of Whiteboards

 Search box added to the list of boards

 Fixed a problem with selection tool

 Drop files directly to whiteboard

Better scaling of SVG images

 Fixed a problem with a newly inserted Whiteboard macro in Confluence. Now it will show content appropriately.

 Hold Alt/Option while dragging to clone a card/shape/issue/iframe/image/free draw

 Import template feature

 Fill color for free draw shapes

 Text align and font size for text displayed on lines