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  1. Estimation comments for Asynchronous estimation session will be migrated for the last estimation round only; comments from the previous (earlier) rounds will not be migrated.

  2. Session’s configuration of Estimation field will not be migrated for Interactive session because in Jira Cloud this field is pre-configured:

    1. For Scrum board, it’s taken from the board’s settings

    2. For Kanban board it’s taken from the board’s settings or set to Story Points if estimation statistic field is not set

  3. In case if there is more than one Moderator defined for Asynchronous session in Agile Poker Server, then every session participant will become a Moderator (“Everyone” option will be picked up for that field). The same behavior in case if no Moderator was set.

  4. Agile Poker for Jira Server allowed including issues that did not have Estimation field configured for them into estimation session. Such issues will be migrated to Cloud as part of corresponding Agile Poker session, but they will be hidden from the session until corresponding Estimation field is configured for them in Jira. This was done to avoid confusion when estimates for such issues could not be saved.


  • All team members can join the same session at the same time. No need for a moderator to share a screen!

  • If your team cannot reach a consensus during the estimation session, there is a an unbiased voting feature to help you decide on the issue’s relative complexity

  • Check out Team Relative in action video if you want to learn more!