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Whiteboards for Jira and Confluence support following access control capabilities:

  • Team board

    anyone with access to Jira, or Confluence can access, and edit the board
  • Private board (Pro plan feature)

    board can be accessed through invite link, access must be confirmed by one of other members
  • Board attached to Jira issue

    Anyone with access to Jira issue can enter, and edit an attached board
  • Board embedded to Confluence page

    Anyone with access to confluence page, can access the embedded board
  • Jira project board

    Project boards are public by default. This means that everyone in your organisation can access a project whiteboard even if they don't have access to the associated Jira project. You can restrict access to individual users using the "Share" settings dialog (see screenshots below).
  • Confluence space board

    Anyone with access to Confluence space can access the board

Access board access settings through Share button

Board access control