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You can access a board if any of following conditions are met:

  • It's a public board
  • It's a private board, and you were granted access to it
  • JIRA ONLY A board is attached to issue, and you have access to that issue
  • JIRA ONLY This is a project board, and you have access to that project
  • CONFLUENCE ONLY A board was inserted on a page, and you have access to that page
  • CONFLUENCE ONLY It's a space board, and you have access to that space.

How to access a board:

  • Through the list of boards
  • From Jira issue
  • From a confluence page
  • From project sidebar in Jira
  • From space sidebar in Confluence
  • Through invite link

Following actions can be performed boards:


Creating new board

Board can be created from:

Deleting boards

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  1. Visit the board
  2. Use three dots button in top right corner of the screen
  3. Select "Delete board" option
  4. Confirm deletion

Leaving boards

You can remove yourself from the list of participants:

  • Click on your avatar on the list of participants:
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  • Click on the three dots menu on the list of boards:
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The board will be removed from Your work section as well.

Board access control

Read more: Board access control