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  • Session participants: select participants who provide estimates;
  • Moderator: select a participant who will have all moderation options available;
    • in case the Moderator field is empty, all participants will have moderator's privileges;
    • for private sessions, the session creator is suggested and pre-populated as moderator, while for Public sessions the moderator field is empty by default;
  • Due date: timebox period of providing personal estimates;
    • when enabled, the due date is shown in Async session during personal estimation and in invitation and reminder emailsnotes;
    • when enabled, schedule options relative to the due date are available for scheduling emailsnotifications, for example, you can select to send the reminder 1 day before the due date;
  • Invitation channels: select email : send an email or/and Slack as the communication channels for session invitations;
  • Invitation: send an email or Slack invitation to session participants and invite them to the Async session;
    • the invitation might be sent instantly or scheduled for a specific date and time or relatively to the due date;
    • you can specify a custom message
  • Reminder email: send a : send an email or Slack reminder to session participants who have not provided all the personal estimates yet.

Note that:

  • Due date and Invitation email options channels options appear only if there is at least 1 participant aside from the creator;
  • the Reminder email is available only when the invitation is on;
  • starting from Agile Poker Cloud Version 100.4.0-AC emails are sent without any specific configurations, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version;

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Step 3: session scope