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  • Session name
  • Session type: public or private, see Public vs. Private sessions for the details
  • Estimation values: choose one of the commonly used sets of estimation values, like Fibonacci sequence, Modified Fibonacci, T-shirt sizes, SML (mini T-shirt sizes), or use any custom set your team prefers.
    Although the estimation field must be numeric, you can display a string for voting values, just use the following format of a string equals a number: “Small=1”

  • Timer values: during the estimation session, a moderator might launch a timer to limit discussion or voting time. This is the place where timer options are configured.

  • Suggested estimate: Select what suggested estimate you will see once all voles are done: Consensus, Average, or Average Integer

  • Session participants: a moderator who controls an estimation session flow, and participants who provide estimates
  • Estimation field: select a Jira field that would be the destination for session estimates; for Scrum boards, it board estimation field is marked with the appropriate label and selected by default.
  • Select issues to be estimated, use JQL filter to access required issues easily

Additionally, you can use "Save this configuration as my personal default" option during session creation to remember current settings and participants list for future sessions. Note that the default configurations are saved per user per board, meaning that for another board's sessions you will have separate default settings. Another peculiarity of this feature is that it is shared between all of the session types. For example, the participants list saved during Interactive session creation will be pre-populated when you create a session of any other type.

For private sessions, the session creator is suggested and pre-populated as moderator.

The Select issues layout is customizable, Epic, Version, Assignee, and Priority fields are optional with only Epic visible by default. 



There is a possibility to send an email notification to session participants and invite them to Async session. This option will be available at "Manage participants" session creation step, only in case if session moderator is set to a single person, and that person has public email visibility configured in Jira. Check How to configure Jira+Cloud+to+send+Agile+Poker+session+notifications for details.

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Session configuration can be updated after it was started from the session's menu - check out Participants and Estimate scope options: