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  • Participants section has an ASYNCHRONOUS MODE indicator, avatars have a progress icon, that changes to a checkmark once a team member finished his or her estimations;

  • Your estimation for Story Points part has the following options:

    • Skip - jump to the next un-estimated issue from the issue list, submitting no estimate from you for this particular issue;

    • Next - jump to the next un-estimated issue from the issue list saving a selected estimation option;

    • Finish & Review - for moderators only, proceed to the Final estimation stage even if some of the participants have not submitted estimations; it is highlighted is all the participants finished their estimations;

  • New area added for a comment for a particular issue;

  • Estimated value you selected for an issue will appear in the issue list.

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Reviewing personal estimates

When all the participants have submitted their estimates or when the time is over then even if some participants' estimates are missing, a moderator has to chose the Review personal estimates option from the voting section or session menu:

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Once it's done, Asynchronous mode will switch into the Interactive mode with all the issues set to Reviewing status and ready for the final estimation.