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  • Backlog view. Here is the preview of your backlog. Actions that can be performed:
    • observe the type of Jira issue, its name, ID, and current estimation value;

    • the moderator can manage the visibility of several extra fields in the backlog view, like epics, versions, assignee, and priority: 
    • filter the issues for a particular session; click on the edit icon next to “Picked issue” and “JQL query” to modify them;

    • select a user story for estimation by clicking on the story;

    • open issue details in a dialog window for viewing or editing by clicking on the issue key;
    • hide/unhide backlog list;

    • observe total Story Points value of a sprint, or filtered part of the backlog next to the “Estimate”;

    • reload issue list if necessary:

In case of the presence of issues with Epic or Sub-task type, their estimates will be summed up to the total Sprint/Section estimate, while their estimates are not calculated in sprint velocity in Jira. For Team-managed projects and Scrum boards of Company-managed projects, all epics are displayed in a single section at the top.

  • Active issue. Here, you can see the issue selected for estimation. Everyone in this poker session will see the same issue here.