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3) place the issue between two existing columns:

Voting option

The Voting option has been added to the latest multiplayer version of the Relative session. The moderator can activate the voting option and ask participants to vote for a place for a specific user story. 

Click on the raising hand person from the top of the "To be estimated" part to start the Voting:

Drag 'n'and drop a user story to the voting area:

And Then vote for existing or for a new columns column for this user story. Winner or winners will be highlighted with green: 


To finish voting simply drag the voted story to the final winning bucket.

Depending on a team and flow, different session scenarios are possible, like voting for an issue or for the whole session scope. 


Placing estimates

At any moment, which but usually happens after your "To be estimated" deck is finally empty, you can start filling in estimate values for the buckets where it says "No value":


Support help or feedback

"Problem or Suggestionsuggestions?" button from the bottom menu is always available for you, don't hesitate to contact our awesome support!


  • When happy with what you see, you can click on on the 'Save estimates' button (bottom right) to conclude the session and update the issues' respective estimation field. 

    NOTE: all the estimations are saved to an estimation field specified in Board Settings.

  • Then click on “Save” the 'Save' to confirm the action:


  • That’s it! Now you can go to the board, or get back to the estimation session: