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Agile Poker for Jira Cloud is a well-known tool for quick and convenient estimations. It was inspired by three four industry-standard estimation methodologies: Planning Poker®, Wideband Delphi, Magic Estimation, and Bucket System (last two also known as Silent Grouping, Affinity Estimation, Swimlanes Sizing, or Relative Estimations). The product provides four types of estimation sessions:


based on Wideband Delphi. Irreplaceable for distributed teams, but works great for all teams that want to estimate asynchronously. Extremely efficient and results in consultation based estimations.

based on inspired by Magic Estimation Game. Easily adopted by teams without a huge estimation background. Good for making both quick rough estimations of a large batch of issues (50+) and a small number of issues with detailed discussion.

based on the Swimlane Sizing/Bucket Sizing games. A very quick type of session for teams with seasoned estimation patterns.