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  • GDPR changes in Jira Cloud REST Api

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Atlassian is undertaking a number of had made changes to Jira Cloud in order to improve user privacy in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

One of the changes planned on 29th of April that affects affected TFS4JIRA Synchronizer is removal of Username field from Jira Cloud’s Cloud REST-API, and replacing it with a new user identifier called Account ID.  
The implication here is that up until now, TFS4JIRA has

TFS4JIRA Synchronizer up to version 7.6 used the Username field to map users between Jira Cloud and TFS.
Version The versions 7.7 of TFS4JIRA Synchronizer, which is planned to be released on 26th of April, is focused on handling above changesand above adapt to the above mentioned changes and use the new mechanism to map users.

How to upgrade TFS4JIRA Synchronizer