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  • Configuring estimation field for Company-managed projects

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If you want to know more about field visibility take a look at the following articles in Jira documentation:

  1. Configuring a screen's tabs and fields.
  2. Associating a screen with an issue operation. 

Next-Gen projects

The recommended way of setting up the Estimation Field for a Next-Gen Kanban project is to:

  1. Enable the "Estimation" feature in Project Settings (Project settings → Features → Estimation)
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  2. Select "Story point estimate" field as Estimation Field in Session Configuration (Estimation → Join Session → Session → Configure → Session Settings → Estimation Field):
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It is also possible to use any custom number field added via Project settings → Issue Types → Story as the Estimation Field, but in that case you won't see your estimates (added via Agile Poker) on the board: