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  1. On the Jira Software backlog view, open the "Agile Poker" dropdown and click "+ New session".

    Alternatively, select "Estimates" in the board navigation menu on the left and click on "+ Create session"

  2. In the "Create new session" popup choose "Asynchronous session" and click "Next"

  3. Select the issues you want to estimate (session scope) and click "Next" again

  4. Before starting a session you should define the session name, participants, and the email invitation message.
    For each session, you can also choose the field you want to save estimates into, estimate values you want to use, and fields to display inside the session to help your team estimate.
    Then click the "Create" button to start your session.

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titleSaving session configuration

Use "

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Estimating issues

  1. On the All sessions dashboard screen, click the "Estimate" button to go to the session.

    Alternatively, select your session from the Agile Poker dropdown from the Jira backlog view: 

  2. Select the first issue from the list on the left, provide an estimate, and (optionally) type a comment.
    Then click the "Save & next" button to repeat this process for all other issues.

    Using the estimation layout toggle you can switch between Cards and Dropdown layouts.
    Note that the Dropdown layout supports Triangulation and Reference issues to help with the estimation process. 

  3. Once you estimate all the issues, you can simply leave the session page.