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titleCanned Responses Cloud

This part of the documentation relates to Canned Responses for Jira Cloud. If you are using Jira Server go to the Canned Responses for Jira Server documentation.


This tutorial will show you how to use Canned Responses for Jira add-on. You will get get familiar with folliwing topics:

Table of Contents

Let's get started.

Add response


  1. Focus Canned Responses comment field.
  2. Type $hi and select the template from completion list.

  3. Finish typing the comment and click Add comment button to post it.

  4. Contratulations, your comment is there! (wink)


titleInsert templates using two different ways

You can insert the templates using Select a template dropdown or from the autocompletion list shown after you type the $ sign.


Manage Canned Responses dialog allows you to create, edit and delete templates.

Organizing templates into folders

You can group your templates into hierarchical structure using special syntax in the template name. Separate levels via a double colon, in example: 

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Such named templates will be grouped in the select box as follows:

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