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titleWe store the minimal amount of data needed to provide our service.

We don't store issue summaries, descriptions, comments nor other sensitive information. We don't store users' full names nor e-mails but we use user keys provided by Jira which can contain them.


  • Access log - web addresses accessed by user browser when communicating with Agile Poker add-on. It includes the following data:
    • request date
    • IP address
    • issue id
    • timezone
    • location
    • user key and user id
    • URL that the application was run on (includes Jira URL, JQL query, project key, and issue key)
    • user authorization token
    • browser name and version
  • Application logs - internal application messages that don't contain any personal data.


This table is not intended to list all the possible events collected by the add-on. It is however intended to list all rules and exceptions from those rules so that you are able to asses assess whether something can be collected or not. 

Data type


User interface and usage

Displaying and interacting with all components and pages added by Agile Poker including:

  • Agile Poker session dialog
  • changelog dialog
  • relative session page
  • issue selector dialog
  • settings pagesSession picker and All session pages
  • Agile Poker Interactive, Asynchronous, Relative, and Bucket Sizing sessions pages
  • Sessions' creation and configuration pages
  • "What's new?" dialog

Interacting means clicking on the components or changing their state.

Flags and statistics

We collect boolean flags and statistic numbers from entered data. This applies to data gather gathered via add-on components or pages (including configuration and usage pages). For example:

  • Async session started
  • The timer started/stopped
  • index of selected estimate value (actual value is excluded)
  • If and when user interrupted introduction tour

Flags and statistics do not contain any user-created data.


We collect a few general context values from Jira.

  • license type (evaluation/paid)

Context parameters do not contain any user-created data.