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Getting Started

Regardless of whether you have implemented the Agile process in your projects long before or are just transitioning to Agile, you have probably encountered the importance of having task boards. And if you have not yet, please check out this blog post we have published some time ago to find out more.

The Agile Cards extension lets you seamlessly create and populate physical boards in addition to virtual boards already present in your cloud instance of Visual Studio VisualStudio Team Servicesor on-premises TFS. Print the work items easily and , cut them into individual cards that you can and stick them to your physical task board. Make a single cell phone photo of your entire board to synchronise work items' statuses based on their column placement on the physical board. The Agile Cards extension is highly configurable, which makes it simple to set it up to match your needs and reuse the configurations stored in templates.

This documentation covers installation, configuration and usage of the extension. 

For more information please visit the Agile Cards web page <update required> or the Agile Cards extension's page on Microsoft Marketplace <link required>. If If you encounter any problems or have any inquiries, feel free to contact us at Spartez Support Portal or You can also raise an issue directly in our public issue tracker.


You can navigate through the documentation by using the menu located on the left side of the page. Or use the list below as a quick index:

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Please note: Agile Cards is currently in Free Beta mode. Read more about it here <update required after moving to CSC>.


Are you ready to start? First thing to


do is to install the extension.