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  1. On the Jira Software backlog view, open the "Agile Poker" dropdown and click "+ New session".

    Alternatively, select "Estimates" in the board navigation menu on the left and click on "+ Create session"

  2. In the "Create new session" popup choose "Interactive session" and click "Next".

  3. Enter session details (see reference below) and click "Create" to create the session.

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    titleSaving session configuration

    Use "

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  4. You can select Advanced settings on the toggle switch located at the top right-hand corner and have more options, such as moderator, visibility, suggested estimate, allow custom values, and timer values

  5. After clicking "Create" the session will be created and activated.

    Your new session will be added to the list of available sessions on the All Sessions dashboard view.
    You can go to that dashboard by clicking on "Estimates" in the board navigation menu on the left.