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  • Synchronization of long text fields [self-hosted]

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Jira Server/DC has the configurable limit on maximum number of characters allowed, available at: Jira administration → System → General configuration → Advanced settings. The default value is 32767 but it can be increased up to 2147483647 characters. Note: if you want to increase the text limit for TFS4JIRA, please set < property > jiraTextFieldCharacterLimit in the < file name> Web.config configuration file to match Jira Server/DC configuration.

  •  Bartek Salwiczek to update the property and configuration file name above  

In order to avoid the synchronization failures, the synchronizer will automatically truncate text that exceeds the Jira's limit. We'll show a message that the content of the field has been truncated and a link to the work item where the user can see the original text (from ADO). See the examples below.