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  1. Go to your Dashboard.

  2. Click on the vertical ellipsis in the top right corner.

  3. Select Administration.

  4. Under User Management click on Identity providers.

  5. Press Add identity provider.

  6. Choose Atlassian OAuth 1.0a (Application link to Jira or Confluence) and click Next.

  7. Add your Confluence or Jira base URL.
    NOTE: Your Jira or Confluence base URL needs to be on HTTPS. not HTTP.

  8. Select the application type you’re using—Jira or Confluence.

  9. Provide a name for that identity provider and click Next

  10. Click the link under Applink configuration page to open the website where you’ll be able to set up an application link in Atlassian. 

  11. On the administration page that opens, click Create link.

  12. In the window that opens, select Atlassian product as the Application type.

  13. Add as the Application URL and click Continue.

  14. Confirm the URL by adding again in the New URL field and click Continue.

  15. Add Whiteboards as the application name.

  16. Choose Generic Application as the Application type

  17. Make sure that you select to create an incoming link and click Continue.

  18. Switch the browser tab to the configuration page and click Next.

  19. Make sure it says Whiteboards in the Consumer key and Consumer name fields. 

  20. Copy the public key and switch the browser tab to the application link configuration page. 

  21. Type Whiteboards in the Consumer Key and Consumer Name fields.

  22. Paste the public key to the last field and click Continue. You will see a confirmation that the application link was created successfully. 

  23. Switch the tab back to the configuration page and click Test connection.

  24. Next, click the Authentication test

  25. On the window that opens, press Allow to connect the software.

  26. Go back to Once you see the success message that both connection and authentication tests were successful, click Next.

  27. Make sure that both Allow Incoming and Allow anonymous users are selected.

  28. Open the Allowlist configuration page from the link at the top. 

  29. On the Allowlist page, make sure the two checkboxes under Allow incoming and Allow anonymous users are selected and click Update.

  30. Go back to and click Test allowlist.

  31. Once you see that the test was successful, click Finish to complete connecting.

  32. Switch back to Jira/Confluence and go to Administration >> Applications >> Application Navigator.
  33. Add Whiteboards in the Name field.

  34. Copy the URL of your organization and add it to the URL field.
    NOTE: Your organization URL looks like this: In this example, the URL will be:

  35. Press Add.

  36. In the Jira/Confluence administration panel, switch to Manage Apps >> Configuration (under Whiteboards).
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  37. Add the URL of your organization (the same URL as in Step 34) under Organization URL and click Add to Application Navigator.

    NOTE: Your organization URL looks like this:
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Connecting Jira/Confluence Cloud instances (OAuth2)