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  • Copy frame link — bring everyone’s view to that frame when they open the board. Copy and share it with your team. 

  • Embed frame — embed your whiteboard with a view of this frame anywhere on the web by copying the embed URL or iframe code. Clicking thisoption will open up a modal where you can get the code/URL and select if you want your current zoom and focus to be the thumbnail of the board.
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    NOTE: You might need to enable embedding first. Do that by clicking Enable embedding.

  • Copy — copy this element to the clipboard (you can use the shortcut CTRL/CMD + C),

  • Duplicate — create a duplicate on the board, next to the original element (achieve the same effect by pressing CTRL/CMD + D),

  • Cut — remove the element from the board and copy it to the clipboard at the same time (CTRL/CMD + X will trigger the same behavior),

  • Add new comment — leave a note for your team,

  • Lock — keep the element from being moved until it’s unlocked (also works with a shortcut CTRL/CMD + L),

  • Bring to front — move it to the front of other layers on the board (use CTRL/CMD + ] to do it from the keyboard),

  • Send to back — send it to the bottom of the layers on the board (use the shortcut CTRL/CMD + [ to do the same),

  • Remove — delete the element (you can also select the element and press DEL/backspace button on the keyboard),