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Any team member can join or create the session from a Board/Backlog view of a specific Jira project (checkout Navigation for Classic and Next-Gen projectsdifferent project types article). You may create and run multiple Interactive sessions in parallel.


The session is created by following a 2-steps wizard (check screenshots below) where you are asked to provide:

  • Session name
  • Session type: public or private, see Public vs. Private sessions for the details
  • Estimation field: select a Jira field that would be the destination for session estimates; for Scrum boards, it board estimation field is marked with the appropriate label and selected by default.
  • Estimation values: choose one of the commonly used sets of estimation values, like Fibonacci sequence, Modified Fibonacci, T-shirt sizes, SML (mini T-shirt sizes), or use any custom set your team prefers.
    Although the estimation field must be numeric, you can display a string for voting values, just use the following format of a string equals a number: “Small=1”

  • Timer values: during the estimation session, a moderator might launch a timer to limit discussion or voting time. This is the place where timer options are configured.

  • Suggested estimate: Select  select what suggested estimate you will see once all voles are done: Consensus, Average, or Average Integer

  • Session participants (more details provided below)