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This page describes core functionalities of whiteboard toolbox. It allows you to create and manipulate the content of a whiteboard.

Whiteboards for Jira, and Whiteboards for Confluence have their unique options added to the toolbox, for more information please refer to the documentation of each app:

Whiteboards for Jira 
Whiteboards for Confluence


​Pointer​Selecting objects on the board.

Select areaSelect an area of the board, for further group operations

Content operations: Select one of operations, draw a rectangle on the board to create content of each type.

TextInsert a text card: transparent background, no shadow.

CardInsert a card, it looks like a sticker, and serves similar purpose.

ShapeDrawing shapes with text inside

LineDrawing lines, connecting objects, customising the thickness, colour, adding arrows.

Free drawFree draw shapes, and sketches. It's the best tool for adding creative visuals to your content.


Uploading media cards - images, videos, sounds, animated gifs, SVGs. Once selected and used, a file upload window will appear on the screen.


Insert blueprintInsert a blueprint, select one of built-in templates or your own custom blueprints.
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