Whiteboards for Jira and Confluence are paid apps. The pricing is available on Atlassian Marketplace:

Your journey with Whiteboards will start from a 30-day evaluation, which gives you access to all premium features and support. 

Unlicensed installations / Freemium

It is possible to use Whiteboards without an active license. Your Whiteboards Freemium will start when:

  • the license expires
  • the subscription is canceled

What comes with Freemium?

  • Features
    • Basic drawing capabilities
    • Jira integration 
    • Board access management
    • Blueprints, board import/export
    • Collaborative editing

Upgrade to Premium anytime to enjoy additional features:

  • Features
    • Voting
    • Shapes
    • Curved lines / stepped lines
    • Embedding iframes
      ... and more exciting features coming up soon
  • World-class support
  • Prioritization of feature requests and bugfixes
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